Wow, no post all weekend yet? Well here’s today’s hawl.

Finally pulled the trigger on the white Mijo Exclusive 240SX for $5. I picked up the Porsche 935-78 and BRE 510 on behalf of fellow LaLDers at the same price. Mini GT’s white FK8 Civic Type R finally came out and were $7 each. The HW Ferrari F50 was supposed to be $2 but I got it for $1 since the seller’s super nice.


And I finally found my holy grail, the first Hot Wheel I ever went looking for, the red Enzo Ferrari! It took 15 years. It was $10 and well above my target price but oh well, the other deals I’ve gotten from the seller (such as the Hall of Fame Schumacher Ferrari F1 for $5) more than even it out. I love the choice of wheels they had for this release; it’s like they were designed for this casting. Next up, the regular Treasure Hunt version of the red Enzo from ‘07 or ‘08!


Total damage: $40

Now I’m sitting here trying to resist the temptation of opening up one of the Mini GT Type Rs knowing I preordered one half a year ago and will be receiving a non-blister Hong Kong version in two weeks.