Just bought a HW 20 Pack at lunch today, because it contained a lot of upcoming case cars that I was planning on buying seconds to open anyway...and nearly every car in the pack has issues of some sort. Scratches/rubs, poorly aligned tampos, casting flaws, even one with a mismatched axle set.

Since I love errors, this works out nicely...but its still kinda strange. Wonder if Mattel uses 20 packs as its factory seconds dumping grounds.

Stratos with casting flaw - look on the trunk, where the orange stripe is. That black mark is a hole that goes through the casting. Not the best photos, but...

On the 370 Z, the front axle is way too long. Not the best pics, but you get the idea. There are also spots and scratches in the tampos, and this one has what looks like a hair or a hairline scratch coming up the passenger door.


On the Escort, you can see the white spot in the door tampo and the tampo in general is too low and crooked, especially noticable in the front near the headlights.


overall....cool find for me anyway. I love this kind of stuff, so it was money kinda well spent.