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2003 Porsche Cayenne Turbo and 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S by Maisto

I’ve made my love of the 996 quite apparent on here before, so it was only natural that I’d add to the collection with another 996 before long. This time, I went with a variant that was much more special to me, the Carrera 4S, which stands as my dream 911, and also was a model that I once had as a kid long ago. However, when I bought that model, I managed to pick up a tagalong as well: a 2003 Cayenne Turbo. Why, you might ask?

I really don’t have a reason, but let’s break it down shall we?


The Carrera 4S was revealed for the 2002 model year of the 996 and was poised as a middle-ground between the basic naturally-aspirated Carrera and the top trim Turbo. It featured the same basic power as the base Carrera, but featured suspension, brakes, and other tunings borrowed from the Turbo, making it just as taut in corners.

The 4S also benefitted from a bodykit and wheels that were shared with the Turbo, albeit without the Turbo’s distinct “whale-tail” rear spoiler.

Generally, while the 996 was the Porsche I first fell in love with as indicated on my old post, the C4S was the first model that I truly wanted. I remember having a wallpaper of the C4S on my old desktop computer, as well as a poster of the car on my bedroom wall. Something about the “best of both worlds” mentality really drew me to it, and since then, it’s been sworn to me as the first Porsche I’d ever buy.


While this wasn’t my first 996 model back in the day, it was the one I cherished the most. And by cherish, I mean I promptly beat the crap out of it. Between this and my 996 Turbo model, so many parts ended up being swapped between the two, making some frankenstein of a Porsche that I have somewhere still in my old room. I’ll dig that out someday, but for now...I really love this model. It keeps all the same detail and quality I found on my other 996, but of course, in the guise of a C4S.


Now, the Cayenne on the other hand, is a completely different story.

I don’t hate Porsche’s first attempt at an SUV. In fact, I find it quite charming. It’s another polarizing looker, but it made up for it with just how undoubtedly Porsche it is under the skin. The turbo model, as seen here, had approximately 450 bhp and could scoot to 60 in 5 seconds. If not mistaken, this was the fastest SUV of its time, a feat only Porsche could manage in the early 2000s.


When finished off in this handsome green color with matching light tan interior, it definitely becomes a handsome craft.


And yet, I don’t see myself keeping this Cayenne much longer. In fact, I currently have it listed on eBay where I’m selling it along with the display case that I bought with it. If any of you are interested, the price is negotiable, just hit me up and we’ll see where it goes. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the model, I just have bigger and better plans to come...hopefully soon, as well.


While these two are quite excellent models that would make themselves home in any collection, the C4S is definitely the shining star here, and almost completely overshadows my original Targa. But I’d never part with either of my 996s, no matter what. Yet again, they prove why Maisto is my preferred bargain 1:18 brand.

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