This one’s an older part of my collection. This Dale Jr ‘06 Monte Carlo SS is painted to look like one of Ralph Earnhardt’s cars from way back when Nascar was in it’s early days. I believe this version of Jr’s car was a farher’s day tribute to Ralph, his grandpa. When this car was made they were much more detailed than they are now. They also generally make less of them per batch, unless it’s Martin Truex Jr, Dale Jr (most popular driver for I dont know how long), Kyle Busch, or someone who has showed impressive stats through the season. Could be because Nascar was a lot more popular but I have no idea why, probably a few different factors come into play. They initially list cheaper than they used to be, but that’s the only reason I can think of. Enjoy! This has to be one of my favorites.

“My LS swap is best LS swap!!”- probably something Mr. RCR Said.