Today I figured I would post about the 2007 Jeff Gordon Bank of America 500 raced version Chevy Monte Carlo SS. This was right around the time I stopped paying attention for a while. This body style was getting outdated so they released the gen whatever “car of tomorrow.” This car was a great racer, but terribly unsafe.

Not only was the “car of tomorrow” racing terrible, but the sport really beacme about profits and not the fans, sort of overnight. This was really one of the last years they made a painfully detailed diecast of every car, every driver, for everyone.


I get the economy was devastated at the time. The sport was hurting because of low sponsoship, turnouts, and the new car along with the racing it produced. Now that Im watching as an adult, the new car is definitely a necessary evil. Its much safer. They also have tweaked it and are currently on the gen 6, which people still complain about, however I like it. It looks like a real car and the racing is a little better, we’ll see how the new gen 6 aero package works next year.


Sam Hornish Jr 2008 “Car of Tomorrow” Dodge Avenger attempting to be a Charger.

After Brian France’s DWI this year, things sort of started looking up. Not really sure what happened but it seems like its becoming about the fans again, the racing is getting better, they made the fall race at Charlotte Motor Speedway the Roval. This is the car that won that fall race at Charolette in 2007, left turns and all. They’re actually trying new things, which was really interesting. Hopefully some of you caught the Roval. It got heated because it’s one of the round of 12 races in the post season. I know France had something to do with the Roval, but his exit might be what the sport needs in the long term. We’ll see. At this point we just embrace it.