German muscle car for the ages!

The R230 SL underwent a significant facelift in 2008 featuring new and revised engines and a new front end that evokes the classic 300SL with a large grille featuring a prominent 3-pointed star and twin "power domes" on the hood, the car also features new headlights with an optional "Intelligent Light System" and a new speed sensitive steering system. The SL 63 AMG replaced the SL 55 AMG. SL65 features a 6.0L V12 Bi-turbo making 612HP.

Back to the die-cast world, dudes I am a bit ticked off on this model. Well, not really the model it is freaking fantastic. I am extremely disappointed with the photos. Please be patient with this review because i'm most likely going to keep referring to the quality of the pictures. This thing is, the car has super thick flake in the paint. SUUUUPER! thick flake in the paint. I promise this car is freaking spotless. I went over it with a clean micro fiber towel, an air gun, and was using rubber gloves to minimize finger prints. Suuuuper shiny and beautiful reflecting paint. Check out the photo below as I wave hello to my fellow LaLDers...


Trust me, this thing is super badass but when trying to take photos, the lighting is just impossible due to the giant flake used in the paint reflecting light in all the wrong directions making it look like dust. It was tricking the focus on my potato big time. I tried dudes, this ticks me off because the 993 and Corvette were sooo good. This car's paint is sublime in person trust me. These pictures do not give it justice one bit :'(


Design and Accuracy: 8/10

Maisto nails it again with this Merc. Here at my job, my multi brand dealer includes Merc. The scaling is spot on. Everything seems to be in the right place. Later you'll see the very nice interior. The detail work on the scuff plates and the little badging done throughout is very well done. Super cool seeing it on the brake rotors like in real life. Engine bay is very nice as you'll see later. Could of used the full working top like a SLK I have but the removable hard top on this one is ok I suppose.


Fit and Finish: 5/10


Welp, I guess the paint isn't the only issue I have with this but yes it is just to obvious to ignore. It is very nice don't get me wrong. Looks high quality for sure, but the flakes are just too big. Like I said, I have SLK that the back opens and has all the retractable pieces to open and close the roof. The head and taillights are super meh. Besides that everything else is right as it should be.

Features: 6/10


AAARRGG that paint and my camera were just not working together on that picture >:( This car is of regular Maisto awesomeness. Doors, boot, bonnet open smooth and hold great. Steering wheel work very well. The spring suspension is set up perfectly with no unnecessary squatting. This also has the removable hard top.

Oh man the pictures were just impossible here >:(

Value: 9.5/10


They are cheap! You can find these below $30. Most will be the Black Series ones for just a little more. Also, the latest gen ones are available for less than $50 all over the place. It is freaking awesome. Such a rad elegant item.... just don't take any pictures BECAUSE THEY WILL SUCK AAARRRGG! lol :]



Not rare at all. they are literally everywhere.

Final score: 30.5/50

Should you get it? I would personally go for a Black Series or the latest model. What ever you do, do not try to take pictures of it if it's painted black. Don't paint it black!