Big things with little cars

2017 Costco season is in the books

Got the final 2 models I was after tonight, and a surprise 3rd followed me home.

I missed the Huracan last year, so I was happy to put that one in my cart. Same with the R35 GTR. Unlike SOME people on this site, I think the GTR is only just a great car. A $14 Maisto does it for me :p


The surprise was the Audi. I’m not really a fan of the R8, except maybe the facelifted first gen, but the blue paint with the carbon blades and rear wing just did it for me.

There were others I left behind like the 488 GTB, a white LaFerrari with black wheels, the awkward 1:20 scale Lightning, and the green 67 Mustang fastback. I had the Mustang in my hands on two different trips, but I just can’t bring myself to start a muscle car collection, because you know that’s what will happen.

Better photos to come soon!

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