2017 was a pretty good year for $upers casting wise. I came pretty close to finishing the set but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Chevy II: Quite honestly one of my favorites this year. The classic flames on a rather classic model definitely makes this a winner

16 Angels: Like most collectors, this wasn’t a part of any Best Supers List. But I do have to credit it for the white wall wheels.

Falken Toyota: Another winner from this year, and quite fitting enough, it’s the one I found the most of. I have found a total of 4 Falken Supers this year, with three of them being sold to fund my 1:18 obsession.

Surf Crate: I didn’t actually find this one. I won this through a raffle of which I only paid $3 for. Quite a quirky traditional hot rod casting you’d expect from Hotwheels.


Acura NSX: I’m not a huge fan of the real car, but this super really does it justice. Scale wise, it’s absolutely spot on. The gunmetal grey rims compliments the spectraflame gold quite nicely.

Chevy C10: This one was a surprise. I ended up liking this casting a whole lot more than I thought I would. It was sitting right up front in a rather empty Kroger peg. It has obviously been gone through so my initial reaction was to glance over. Definitely glad I took a little more time than usual, or else I too would’ve left without noticing it.

SRT Viper: I got this for $5 at my local toy show. Quite a bargain I might add

Cruiser Bruiser: Huge shoutout to Frosted for this!! This casting has eluded me for awhile now. I found more regular versions than I could ever cared for, so I simply gave up. But in came Frosted!


Ford Mustang GT: Not a fan of this casting and still isn’t. Though it resembles a drift car, I’m not quite sold on this one. Still glad it’s a part of my collection though.

‘67 Camaro: Ah yes. Quite possibly one of the top two for most collectors this year. It pays tribute to a classic decal in the early 80's and rightfully so. Glorious spectraflame red, classy chrome real riders and flames and around the hood. Can’t go wrong with that.

Fairlady Z: Another winner from this year. If you haven’t already, head on over to Lamley Group and vote for your favorite! Because this one definitely ticks every box for me. Advan livery, gold wall rims, wide fenders... it’s every JDM lovers dream!


Now...I don’t wake up early or stay out late just to hunt for every new Hotwheels. Quite frankly, I’m not that obsessive and not willing to put in the extra time, so most of the finds were during my lunch breaks at work. Throughout the whole year, the Mystery Machine (the casting I wanted to find the most) eluded me till the very end. I wasn’t about to shell out $50+ when I can use that on a decent Convention/TLV or to fund more 1:18s