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2018 Hunting Goals

With it being 2018, it marks 50 years since Hot Wheels has been in the game and sparked a whole new generation of enjoying diecast toy cars that’s persisted to today.

We all have hunt lists and things that fit our own personal niches, but for me Hot Wheels will always have a special place in my heart. It’s what got me started in all of this and help spurn my love for all things automotive.

To help honor this, I’ve decided this year I’m going to focus on the originals. The ‘Sweet 16' original Hot Wheels released in their first year of 1968. Luckily I was handed down my father’s collection from his childhood which contains some of that 16, among some other greats (such as the rare Olds 442 and in a rare color no-less).


So this year I’m going to finish collecting the sweet 16 and I think I’ll continue this trend next year by finishing the castings released in 1969, and so on until I can collect all of the Redlines.

Without further ado, here’s what I have so far, some in quite good shape, and some in simply poor shape:

One of my father’s: Silhouette
Another of my Father’s: Python
One of the better ones in my collection: Hot Heap
Another of my father’s: Ford J Car
My favorite of the original 16: Deora (with what I believe are recreation surfboards... ah well...)
Custom Volkswagen
Custom Thunderbird
Custom Mustang (so glad they went with the fastback on this)
Custom Firebird
Custom Eldorado
Custom Corvette (some decay under the paint, but with prices on these I went with some blemishes)
Custom Barracuda (amazed I got this for such a good price in this condition)
Beatnik Bandit

Let the hunt begin! Anyone happen to know the 3 I’m missing?


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