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2018 Nascar Cup Champion

Hi LaLDers,

Been a little bit since I’ve posted, but I have been keeping up on here every day. Love seeing all of the different cars that exist. Here we have Joey Logano’s 2017 Fusion Sport. He just won the championship, so I thought I would post this one. Ford also ran their last race with the Fusion today, which by the time this year came through, was an absolute beast. Ford will go with the obvious choice for 2019, the Mustang. Harvick and Kyle Busch absolutely killed everyone all season, but Logano was there when it counted in the playoffs, and obviously tonight, wich is cool because it’s his first championship. He’s really stepped it up in the more recent years he’s been in the Cup Series.


The 22 paint scheme has remained unchanged since 2011 when Kurt Busch drove it. It was the last of the Zombie Dodges in Nascar cup. After old man Penske swiched back to Ford, Dodge did not support funding to Nascar. Teams had nit been resigning contracts with them previously I believe. They thought only low funded, back of the pack teams would only be interested in signing contracts. Toyota was also a big threat when it came to contracts, they pretty much took off when they entered Nascar. Feel free to add anything if anyone on here knows more on that Zombie Dodge subject. Hopefully will be posting more soon. As always, looking forward to your posts.


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