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2018 Top Ten

10. 144 slot Carney Case

I was lucky enough to go to the Hot Wheels Nationals in Dallas this year. Lucky for me the fine folks at Carney were set up in a room with excellent discounts on cases. If you need a top quality display I highly suggest saving up and purchasing one.


9. M2 Machines Auto Japan Raw Hakosuka

I found this at a good price on eBay because the hood wouldnt close. After a quick #DLM it was all fixed unready to display. You can go wrong with a raw body and red tire chase.

8. Accelerator 426

With my switch to focusing on TLV this year this was a must have. It was even better that I would add a Tomicarama at retail. If you are still on the fence about this I would say grab one before they get pricey.


7. Apollo Service Station

My first Tomicarama also happens to be one with the best features. I was pleasantly surpried to find that this is lighted. I’m not sure why this is the only one with that feature. This is the set that started me down the tomicarama road.


6. AutoArt Hakosuka

Of course my first Autoart will make the list. I have a feeling more will be on the way.


5. High Speed Motor Secondhand Car Lot

Yes its just a recolor but just look at it. Plus its more realestate to display my best stuff.


4. Snake Motors Company

With several Snake Motors branded cars this was high on my wants list.


3. Shell Service Station

Because I will have all the Tomicaramas and this one had a cool exclusive truck.


2. TLV NEO Super Silhouettes

My score of the year was finding 7 of the 8 releases from a single seller. Some of the best TLV to ever be released.


1. Kyosho 1/18 Kenmeri

My 1/18 grail.

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