I finally got off my butt and ordered a 2-56 tap and screws from McMaster Carr. They arrived today (fast shipping!), so after replacing a wheel bearing on That Actual 1:1 Car I Own, I decided to try out the new tap before bed.

I used the tap handle from an old tap & die set handed down to me, plus a likely 100-year old brace which offers superb control when drilling with the 1/16" bit. I used PB Blaster for tapping lubrication since I couldn’t find my 3-in-1 oil.


Everything went smoothly! The 1/8" long bolts grab a couple threads, enough to keep it together. Next up is the E30 [wheel swap donor] that I’m passing on to a friend soon.

You can also see my messy attempt at attaching the takeyari exhaust pipes with hot glue. I just couldn’t wait to get model glue! The orange paint on the body needed some work, and I need to blank out the second exhaust cutout on the rear apron, so I stripped it back down. Oh, and the interior saw some black paint but needs some more.

All is well in the end; if it’s not well, it’s not the end.