The weather was nice and despite the 25mph winds I decided to paint the Z. In the screen porch!

Part 1, Part 2

I started out by stacking a couple boxes on top of one another, then draping some craft paper (left over from parcel shipping) over them. Old Raleigh seat stays held it down in case any breezes came up.

Then I put a plastic bag over a vice grip (gotta keep it clean!), clamped onto the rivet, and taped the bag out of the way.

Don’t worry; the frame was damaged beyond its worth. The other tubing is going toward a moving bottom bracket recumbent project.

I used Rustoleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover grey primer, which went on very nicely. I probably used about 25 spritzes of paint, starting from a lower angle and working my way up. This covered well enough with just the one coat that I waited 20 minutes and continued with paint.

The seat post and chain stays actually formed a perfect drying stand for the vice grips and car combo. Who knew!


The first coat of gloss “real orange” Painter’s Touch went on just like the primer- lots of little spritzes with little accumulation.

20 minutes later,


Yeah! It’s starting to build with the second coat. Just to be safe, I added

and after letting it sit for an hour, came up with this.


Woo hoo! The paint laid down pretty smoothly and the color is rad.

Oh, you wanted a blurry picture? Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered.


The only disappointment here was that the plastic bag I put over the vice grips blocked a little paint, so I have a little bit to touch up. I think I’ll be painting the underside of the fenders flat black to blend in, but the air dam area is an issue. I’ll figure out a better way to hold the car next time.

Next step is to get some satin black paint for the interior, and start working on the detail painting. Oh, and to mount those takeyari onto the base. I’ve also got to buy some bolts and a tap at some point so I can reassemble this.


For reading all the way through, I will give you this bonus. I saw this thing on Ebay on Monday and found myself helpless to its glorious malaiseness. Ten bucks later, it was on my door on Tuesday with standard shipping! Spectacular. Once I have a simple diorama setup I’ll have to photograph this with the Chevette and Monza.