I’m up, so this one’s here early today. Third time’s the charm!

First off, credit for this clever model goes to LeFabShop, a French design studio that puts out some impressive and fun 3D printables. One of their many hits is la FabShop Mobile

Let’s be honest, it’s basically a Mini Cooper, but I’m not complaining. I was super excited when I found a Matchbox Mini last weekend to compare and here’s why. This was the first thing I ever 3D printed, so it will always have a special spot in the collection. Nearly 2 years ago, I tried out the new gadget at the public library for the max allotted time - 1hr - and was am hooked. I wasn’t concerned about scale at the time, just the largest thing I could make in the time limit and ended up with a nice 1:60 (2 in) model. The Matchbox? A whopping 1:52, it’s a little rediculous... ha... ha.... I digress


Back to the Italian Job, the original. In the spirit of the movie I got two more colors printed on my own machine. I tried the blue one first with a raft just as I had on the red, but the heated glass bed basically fused the side together - 5 out of 6 sides ain’t bad! It’s difficult to capture, but the white model was printed straight on the platform and has a glass smooth side and I’d say looks the best of the three.


For a little education, 3D printers are best in the XY plane and slice in the Z direction. Basically it joins a bunch of 2D images together to make an object. For this reason it’s best to print wheels in the XY plane which means a single piece model like this is born Orlove’d :)

For a model like the Hoonicorn, the body and wheels are separate so that both can be optimized: body with chassis down, wheels with back side down.


Secret feature! If you have nice enough printer, aka nicer than mine, or print on a larger scale, the model has self captured axles. So once printed, you can break free the wheels and make a nice high pitched squeaking noise rolling it in your hand. It won’t beat a HW or any car with remotely functioning wheels, but it’s a super cool trick that can only be done with 3D printing.