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3D Thursday: Wheel Dealer

Had a little bit of a slow down last week with busy print jobs, but there was also time for fun and a little creativity.


I found some older castings with some wheels I’m interested in trying out. I’ve never drilled out rivets, so that will be a new experience and hopefully it will go well. I had mentioned looking for gold 5SPs, and not only did I find that, the HW ‘70 Chevelle stocker they are on has nearly the exact same dimensions as the Hoonicorn print. The wheelbase, width, lip spoiler, fender flares... it’s all the same. The gold is already rubbing off the wheels, which is surprising but okay.

The next wheels are unique, but still for 1:64 scale. This is a custom open-wheeler that happens to have the same size wheels as the who-knows-what-scale HW Ice Shredder. The casting is super heavy and I imagine performs well on a downhill track like a real bobsled. The 3D printed model of-course weighs nothing and was printed in two halves. With the new wheels, it might print better upright.

Since guessing games seem to be popular lately, and LaLD is just too good, here’s a real challenge next to the Hoonicorn:


no chassis detail, nothing else like it on the internet, just a rough guess at the size...

Since people have also expressed interest in 3D printed wheels, here is a close up of a 1:24 scale wheel I drew up. Hopefully someone knows this:


Look for more next week!

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