Coming into the club meeting I knew the reviews would be harsh:

President: I like the real rider wheels, I think this may be the most detailed Honda that Hot Wheels has ever made. I don’t like the stickers on the back door glass. If I had a real one I would use it like a normal mini-van

Vice President: The spoiler thing makes it sporty looking. I don’t like the sunroof thing to (too).

E: If I had a real one I would drive it fast. Jump out and let it hit a building. There is nothing I like about it.


C: I hate this van. I would sell it for $30,000.

CE: I don’t like this van, it has no license plate.

F: It looks slow, If I owned this van in real life I would throw rocks at it.

J: This van makes me want to yell because I don’t have a car (???)