Big things with little cars

To go along with my post the other day the 4 cars that share the same glass, interior, and base( slightly changed between the metal and plastic)

From left to right: 1971 Bye-Focal Aqua, 1973 Show-off light blue but was painted over with dark blue, 1977 Roger Dodger black wall, & 1983 Dixie Challenger with roof striped.


Not an easy or cheap set of cars to get ahold of the Bye-focal and Show-off can get very pricey depending on color and condition. The Roger Dodger can be pricey as well for early Redlines and the rare blue color but a fairly cheap car to get with the re-releases and re-tool. Dixie Challenger is probably the least expensive of them even with  rebel flag doesn’t exactly shoot the price up. 

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