Someone did an anniversary post recently, so I figured I’d try and figure out how long I’ve been a part of this awesome group!

After some kinja post searches, I finally found that my first diecast post was 4 years ago-yesterday. Holy crap!

Of course that was actually before LaLD existed. It was before HWEP.kinja existed too! Back before this awesome site got started some of us started spamming Oppo with pictures of our Hot Wheels collections. Mycarneverruns87 and El-Uly had the first HWEP trade and out of all of that LaLD was born. MCRNR87 has a sweet post here:

Anyways. Looking back at my first diecast-themed post made me realize how much I’ve learned about this world. Holy crap we have a lot of knowledge on this site.


I do have to say one of the best parts of coming here is everyone is always nice and cordial and super supportive of everything! It doesn’t matter what your thing is, you’ll always have support from this group.

I don’t have anything new to show (saving it all for LaLD Car Week 2018!!) so I’ll sign off with a cheers to everyone here who makes this place so awesome.