Hello and welcome to another ztp review. Today I am reviewing a Johnny Lightning, 1:64 scale, 1940 Ford truck.

If you haven't already noticed, it is surfed themed. One of the reasons I bought it was because it was so diversely different from anything else I owned, and wanted that kind of diversity in my diorama (once I get around to it, it keeps getting pushed back).

Front view. First thing you notice about this car is the color contrast. The surf blue and white, I absolutely love it. It really completes the whole 'surf-theme' really well. A better color combo could not have been chosen.

The hood lifts up to reveal he engine. Its just a piece of the body painted silver, which is pretty neat and actually creative.


Side view. I love the "big kahuna" design on the side of the car. All of the blue is suppose to be water, flowing freely for the surfers. And the wood boards running across the bed of the truck is a excellent design choice. I love the running boards on the car as well.


I also noticed there was no gas tank cover...hmm...

Rear view. Here you see another big kahuna logo. Strangely, no taillights.


Top view. Your first full look at the surf boards. They look great, don't they? I really like how there are different designs on them, instead of just being recolored versions of each other.

Bottom view. The wheels are completely plastic, which is unfortunate. Having rubber tires would of look amazingly awesome on this car.


Another shot of the surf boards, because honestly, they just complete the car.


You know you want one.

In conclusion, would I recommend it. Totally, completely, yes. This is one of my favorite cars in my collection, because of how different it is. It's not a modern day vehicle, it's not a muscle car, it's a plain and simple, old fashion truck built for transportation to the beach. What's not to love?