This soft spot for the late off-roader is causing major worries to my wallet.

Majorette dropped a bombshell with the 110 casting; The MBX 110 is a pretty good cast, but the grille with embedded foglamps always irked me. Finally Majorette came to the fore with a clean grille variant of the Defender which had stayed true to its roots, and minimal change throughout its lifetime. It will be sorely missed, as the rumored new version has virtually no resemblance of the former. Cannot really blame LR though, the design has been there for more than half a century!

There were zero possibilities of this being scored on a local peg. So I went the more expensive way. I tried getting several other cars from the seller to soften the impact of shipping, but eBay ended up getting me only the invoice for the Defender. My wallet will not forgive me lol. The last remaining drop of sanity (and my bank balance) is keeping me away from the 99 dollar 1:18 110!


About the casting now. Clearly this is a winner from Majorette. Front is super clean and a (almost) faithful representation of the stock 110 (unlike the MBX version, plagued by a pair of foglamps up front). The clean motif runs throughout (no roof racks, ladders, or anything of sort, yay). Detailing is absolutely brilliant (headlamps are freaking awesome, tampos are superb) and the metallic green paint in this example is just beautiful.

Sadly it is not perfect. The wheel is not suited to the demeanor of the car at all, despite the macho 4x4 - esque tyres (learn a thing or two about wheels from MBX, Majorette). Wheels sully the otherwise near perfect appearance of the car. Majorette also made some errors in replicating the front door; window is far thinner than it should be.


No complaints thereafter.


In conclusion, a job very well done. Going to fix some ‘OEM’ rims later on.

Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome weekend!