Before I started on making my rat rods/junk yard cars I did do a clean custom. This 53 Chevy gasser was a rebirth in my try at customs


I had done some customs several years ago if any one saw them on HWC as BTTFDMC1984 and I had done very early and crude stuff and one of my projects was making a gasser out of the purple 53. While working on that every thing just fell apart. I had lost my job and my family finances also took a hit so bad we where getting evected. While trying to get stuff back to normal more crap hit the fan and a storage room I had with every thing in was lost including every custom I built or was working on and 90% of my collection (was able to save my redline collection). Fast forward a year or two later getting back to seeing customs I tried again and wanted to finish that gasser I started! I started from scratch and the end result turned out better then the original. Customs are my therapy and an way to help battle my on and off depression. Sorry for the sob story just thought I'd open up a bit.