Big things with little cars

'57 Chevy Steins!!

Don’t hate me if these aren’t exactly the correct subject matter for this website but I figured pretty close plus the one does have a diecast lid:

The one on the right is by Franklin Mint. Here’s a picture of the really cool lid:


It’s the wheel and hubcap of a ‘57 Chevy!!!

Here’s the handle:

It’s the dagmar from the front bumper (black thing) and the top is the tail fin.

Close up shot:


I thought it interesting to point out, the hubcap of the car pictured on the side of the Stein has no spinners!!! Even though they were optional, I’d still call this a fail.

The other one is by Budweiser and is much simpler but the car is sort of 3D:


I may decide to detail the hubcap on the lid if I ever get time with black and a sticker for the center.

Thanks for reading!

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