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'68 Custom Fleetside: Project Complete

I have to say I’m quite pleased with the results; I barely recognize it as the truck I started with.

It’s hard to believe this is what it looked like back in July.

While the paint was not in terrible shape, the rest of the truck got some much needed attention. New parts (glass, interior, wheels) were ordered and installed, and a new “vinyl” top was “painted” on. The front grille and tail panel were also repainted.

Drilling the rivets out was the only truly difficult step (a center punch is definitely handy to have)


The reproduction parts that I used fit quite nicely, with the exception of the glass. That required some sanding of the edges to adjust the fit, and it still could use a bit more adjustment.


The “vinyl” top turned out better than I expected, though, it would have gone even better had I used the masking technique I discovered on the Camaro.


Overall, it was a fun project, and I’m glad I was able to share the progress with LaLD.


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