Big things with little cars

6x6 934 WIP

It started last Monday with the first cut.

I knew the roofs (rooves) were going to be the hardest part. I wanted the sides together before I started hacking away at the rooves (lol).


I had to lengthen the b pillars to get those rooves close at all.

Then I hacked off all the overhanging roof on the back car, and tried to get the top of the rear roof as low as possible.


A little jb weld to fill the gap. This is the second layer on the roof. It’ll probably need another after sanding to get it smooth. I’m using the lamp to speed up the cure time. Apparently freezing temps change the cure time from 4 hours to 48 hours. That’ll slow down progress in a hurry.


Thanks for checkin out my stuff.

Bonus stuff...


I prefer the VW on treads. The 911 didn’t fit right.


I’m still looking for the right wheels for the Golf.

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