Once upon a time... Mattel decided they were tired (haha tired) of making the fastest diecast cars on the planet. They abandoned the company standard and started putting *gasp* real rubber tires on their cars.

And oohhhhh booyyyy what a sweet time that was for little kids of the 80's. While these sweet little cars with new treads were sloths on the orange track, they were super-fun to zip around the kitchen floor. Leaving rather permanent tire marks on the surface. A lasting legacy for the diecast racecar driver in us all. Not to mention how much fun it was to pull the little tires off and pretend to “work” on the car. It was a glorious time indeed for little imaginations world wide.

This Ford 2 Door was a staple of many hotwheels collections during the 80's. A popular and HEAVY cast with a mean black paintjob and basic kickass flames. The goodyear tires look right at home on this badboy!