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7 Days of Classic Real Riders - Day 2 - GMC Eagle Off-Road Truck

Welcome again to 7 days of Classic Real Riders! On this fine Tuesday we have this rockin’ GMC off road truck. Have to presume this is a GMC since the base gives us no hints as to which actual 1:1 truck this is based off of. Regardless, this is awesome because eagles are awesome (they beat the Falcons at least). Kids of the 80's had a love/hate relationship with these real rider based off road trucks. While the tires were just insanely cool to run through the mud and dirt... The axles on these suckers bent hardcore under heavy abuse. On top of that, they didnt roll that well at all. You were not going to win any drag races on the orange track with these. In fact, most of the time these trucks would just ride clear off the track altogether, exploding in a (miniature) firey wreck upon the floor.

Whatever, here’s some rock crawlin’ pics!


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