Welcome back to 7 Days of Classic Real Riders. Today, our buddy Henry want’s to show off his wicked cool GMC Plow truck. Or... at least we think it’s a GMC plow truck. Once again, Mattel didn’t feel it was super important to put the make and model on the bottom. Bah, unnecessary details! It’s got the classic GoodYear tires, that’s good enough for the masses. Painted up in very typical lime green. This kryptonite color reacted rather awful to my fluorescent based diorama lighting... resulting in a neon green that really wanted to fry the bejesus out of the CMOS sensor in my camera. There, there, trusty Kodak... I’ll cuddle you to sleep tonight. It’s going to be ok.

*ahem* This example still has the plow. Not sure how that happened. Kid must have been allergic to green. Which is sad to think about. No matter, this minty GMC ended up in my collection and now you can wipe the Dorito crumbs off your chin from your jaw hitting the floor after seeing how awesome this truck is.