The HW โ€˜70 Camaro is one of the best Camaros from the toymaker IMO, simply because of the equal radius wheels! There have been some stunning Camaros from HW (including the new ZL1) but all of them have been blighted with the massive rear wheel.

Hence I decided to give the extra โ€˜70 I got from a friend a little makeover. Out goes the red paint with flame tampo, and in comes a silver coat. Wheels were also changed, courtesy of a Fairlady 2000 donor car.

โ€˜70 in a photoshoot along with other Camaros before the revamp.

The Embosser did the needful for me by fetching the car from the shop ;)

Easily overlooked as a fantasy (in fact I got it as a wheel donor myself!) but The Embosser is a pretty neat car carrier in itself :D



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