I stumbled on some newly pegged J case cars. However, it was the strangest sight. There were about 60-plus J case cars and they were all Skylines. Did this particular Wal-Mart somehow get a case full of just Skylines?

At first, I figured maybe some other collector got bored and pegged all the Skylines together. However, there were pretty much no other J case cars anywhere. The rest of the cars on the pegs were from older cases. I looked on the pegs, in the tiny dump bin and in the Avengers dump bin and only found about a handful of generics from the J case. I find it hard to believe anyone would scalp up everything and just leave behind the Skylines.

So in conclusion, I think someone at the HW factory probably loaded a case with just Skylines (so maybe they can somehow steal it and resell), but it ended up at this Wal-Mart instead.

P.S. I just want the white Datsun 620 truck from this J case. =(

Edit:. Oops! I meant the white Mazda Repu, not the Datsun 620.