Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Like Carrot Halwa (which is ALWAYS on the menu but NEVER available and always sold out for the day), I was beginning to think that the ability to nab a $uper Trea$ure Hunt in the wild, especially Down Under, was an Urban Myth.

A unicorn.

A secret ploy to improve men’s health by guaranteeing some form of exercise - even if it were brisk walks and awkward squats inside malls and department stores as they clambered and rummaged pins and bins in the hope of finding treasure.


In almost a full year of serious collecting, I have never found a $uper Trea$ure Hunt, despite being lucky enough to trawl through a few shipments of new boxes here and there. Until now.

And boy is it a good one for my first.

Illustration for article titled 99 Basic Hot Wheels on the Wall, 99 Basic Hot Wheels. Take one down, pass it around...Oh Look, TREA$URE!

There is an unspoken rule Down Under, that if you have the opportunity to be first on the scene when a box is being opened by staff (scalpers and inside jobs aside), you stick around and help stock the shelf with all the other 69 or 70 castings from a case you didn’t want. I just so happened to find myself in that lucky situation last night.

The regular GT-40 is actually quite a lovely casting and the Gulf colours are really nice but next to the $uper, it looks so flat and bland.


The artwork is also stunning. Remember when shiny only worked with foil Pokemon Cards?

I’ll be keeping this one somewhere safe.

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