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A California Special

Back in 1968, the Ford Mustang was facing stiff competition from the Camaro, Javelin, Firebird and from Ford’s own Cougar and Torino. They needed something “special.”

From Wiki: The state of California, alone, was responsible for the sales of 20% of all Mustangs and Thunderbirds in the country, which gave the regional dealers there the clout to ask for and market their own Mustang. Lee Grey was the Southern California district sales manager for Ford and he was looking for something unique to spark the sales of Mustangs in Los Angeles. Ford dealers had tried promotions like the “1967 Rainbow Colored Mustangs”, as well as by adding accessories and options to dress up cars for public view. The objective was to make the Mustangs sold in California unique and to look “custom” made, thus differentiating them from the standard models available elsewhere.


One of the nicest casts to come from MBX recently, this 68 California Special Mustang is accurate and well done. The black paint is not just shiny... it also has a bit of metal flake on it?... making it kinda sparkly.

I just love those aluminum colored edged rims... and those 3 spoke hub cap covers reminds me of those old style racing car hub caps. The headlights and tail lights had no tampos though... so I had to ‘sharpie’ those in. :D


thanks for viewing


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