(Warning: long post ahead) After watching eBay for the T-Top C3 for a few months, I finally scored one for a reasonable price and now my MBX Rally Vette series is complete.

I’ve posted about this series before. The C1, C2 and C4 were purchased when my family visited the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky, when I was about five. I haven’t been able to find much info about them. They’re not super common but it seems they pop up on eBay occasionally. Were they a special run for the Bowling Green gift shop, were they available at dealerships? Who knows?

I don’t recall if we bought the C3 as well (it was more than 20 years ago) but I know the C4 was MY car because I liked the color. I think my older brother kept the C1 and maybe the C2 before he got too old for toys and I took them. If we had the C3, it was lost long ago.

As you can see, they originally came in a unique box. Not sure if I’ll keep this one or not. I usually toss packaging (DLM UNITE!) and the boxes for the other three cars have been gone for two decades.


This rubber bumper beauty is based on a 1975-77 C3 (possibly 74 as well). While it’s not of the glorious chrome bumper era of C3s, at least it still has rear window fins as the fastback rear didn’t come about until 1978.

Of the four Rally Vettes, the C3 has the cheapest feel, but that’s kind of relative when only one of them (the C1) has a metal base and they’re all fairly light. They all have real riders and nice paint and tampos. I can’t really complain too much.



After getting a C6 ZR1 in a HWEP recently, now all I need to round out my MBX Corvette generations is a C5 and a C7. I know there’s a nice looking C7 coming soon so I’m holding out for that one. No idea when I’ll ever find a C5.

In related news, here’s a color-shifter Shelby Cobra that I wasted my money on yesterday. Nearly $5 at a TRU. It was on a $1.99 rack but that didn’t seem right. I should have looked around for the other rack. I probably would have passed if I’d known.


Some random eBay thoughts before I go:

I have several searches for cars I want saved and I receive an email when there’s a new listing. One of these searches is for Ferrari-themed Grand Prix Racer. There were several variations of the F1 Racer from 2009-2014 and it seems that cast has been replaced by Winning Formula, but the cars branded as Grand Prix Racer were the only ones that got licensing… and seem to be fairly rare in the US.


But this seems a bit excessive:

At that price, I might as well buy 3-4 Kyosho Ferrari F1 cars, which are certainly more accurate casts.


What’s more frustrating is they’re all overseas. I guess I can chalk that up to America not really being big on F1, thus maybe not that many were available over here. But as you’ll see in the next paragraph, I’m not exactly warm on spending $40 on a 1/64 car.

The other thing that’s struck me as odd is the ROADRCR series from 2012. Almost every ROADRCR car available on eBay is located in Canada or Malaysia. There’s a handful in America but the cars are overwhelming out-of-country. I’m taking this to mean that the series was only released in Canada. What sucks is it was an amazing series. Metal on metal, real riders, historic liveries. Why not release it in the U.S.?

This has made getting the “Spirit of Sebring” Greenwood Corvette and the James Garner COPO Corvette pretty frustrating because I’d have to spend no less than $20 (plus shipping) on each car. Those are, in my opinion, two of the coolest Corvettes Hot Wheels has ever done, but for something that cost at most $5 off the rack, that’s hard to swallow.