I’m sorting out cars to banish from my basement, trying to find all the loose cars that don’t fit my plans anymore. I remember buying this Jaguar XJ220 from a vendor without noticing that it had been sat upon by a previous caretaker, and being annoyed when I did. I never gave it a second look after that.

Until yesterday.
I was about to toss it in the donation box when I realized it has black co-molded wheels! I’d never seen a set in black before so I looked up HWs Jags on the bay and realized I have another HWs Speed Machines! Third one I’ve found in the 25/50¢ buckets. The semi crushed roof was enough for someone to let it go, and for me to not worry about drilling it.

Next surprise came in the hawl I brought home on my recent “first trip back” to the old indoor/outdoor fleaquarium. I way overbought in my joy at being back on the parts hunt. I’d thought this was an old Matchbox when I spotted it in a huge plastic bin/tote thing. There was serious competition at that bin due to it being a “new” bin brought in as I (and others) watched. So, I had to be quick before someone’s hands politely reached in front of me.*


100 points if you can tell me what is it and who made it.

*One “collector” was reaching around and over everyone in front of him and grabbing handfuls of cars at a time. He’d give a quick glance at his fists full of diecast and toss them back, apparently annoyed that he wasn’t finding any mint redlines or undiscovered DaVinci on his first try, and shove his way forward for another go.
I thought it was funny (I have a strange sense of humor at times), so I started picking up cars that I was going to buy, ooh-ing and aah-ing over them like they were gold bars. (Because to me, they were valuable. TO ME...) He’d try to look over at what I’d found, but I’d palm it and start searching again. He finally threw down his last grab and stormed off.
Sometimes the hunt is great for reasons other than what one finds...lol!