A buddy of mine alerted me Friday to a huge estate sale with an entire three car garage full of toy vehicles. Honestly, most of it looked like mid-2000's and later plastic garbage... and it was (and a lot of it was broken) ... but with a collection that size there had to be some gems.

I bought several bags of assorted 3" cars, some good stuff to come this week. We went back to my buddy’s house for dinner and so our kids could play together. He bought several Nylints for his son (I passed on those since I had just stocked up at the Fintail sale), and also a shoebox of 3" cars. We found a couple weird ones when we were sorting through them.

The first one we were puzzled by is this truck with the pushed in cab.

There’s some sort of spring underneath them. The base says 1989, which is right in my childhood wheelhouse, but I don’t remember these at all. Anybody know anything about them?


We also pulled out this hoodless C4 Vette. Surely a Welly, right?



Hot Wheels? What is going on here!?!