Big things with little cars

A custom is as good as it's wheels.

As Phillip posted about the Make magazines custom contest, I started running around my house gathering all of the usable hotwheels cars out of all of their little hiding places. I think I have the car I want almost ready, But no wheels or paint. The paint issue is no problem. The wheel issue is a big one. If anyone has been noticing a shoe pattern on most of my wheelswap customs, all of the wheels I use are the same exact gold painted MBX BBS real riders.Yeah, I only have one set of 2 piece 1/64 wheels. I want to try to have a car that looks the best it can and I would rather not use the crappy mainline wheels. (not all of them are bad but i’m ranting so give me a break) So to get to the point, I need help finding cheap wheel donors. I don’t want to pay $20 for a couple sets of wheels and only end up really using one of them. Eventually I will invest in wheels but now is not the time.

Have some cars for your time :P


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