Somebody here said the best diecasts, are the ones that have a story. That stuck with me. Why do we collect these little cars? Well, I love cars, but I can't afford all the cars I want in full size, so I collect the little guys. But, that's not the only reason. I think it's safe to say that a lot of us also collect these cars (and trucks!), because they bring back lots of memories.

This '09 Indy Car diecast has a simple, but important, story for me. It is the last diecast that my mom ever gave me. We lost her quite suddenly to cancer about 2-1/2 years ago. She gave me this car in my last Christmas stocking from her.

My mom was a great enabler of diecast collecting. My extensive collection of Micro Machines? Almost entirely from her. The plastic tub of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars from my childhood, is but a tiny fraction of the countless she bought me (Dad confessed to, and apologized for, throwing away hundreds of them). She told me there was never a time that I wasn't obsessed with cars. She also loved that all she had to do was buy me a couple Hot Wheels, and I was good to go for hours while she shopped and ran errands.

The funny thing about this Indy Car? I don't really like it! I never told her that, of course. Those old Dallara's weren't exactly the greatest looking cars. I'm not a great fan of tribute/anniversary paint schemes either. I prefer an actual racing livery. But when I pick this car up, I feel a bit of my mom. And so in the collection it stays. Love you Mom!