Big things with little cars

A different kind of bug

For the new transformers bumblebee movie Hasbro has released a “legends” class bumblebee in his original G1 Volkswagen Beetle form and gotta say it’s damn good!


And it has plenty of VW details from the emblem on the trunk lid and rear tires have a bit of the VW hubcaps(front wheels don’t die to construction). The large thing on the rear bumper is for an enorgon gimmick launcher thing that you get from the other figures to help launch the car mode figures. I hope they re-issue it later in red to match the red bumblebee I have (they issued different colors of the mini bots to have more toys on the pegs.

Since this a Diecast page here it is next to a Matchbox VW Beetle for size comparison


In car mode it can easily fit into a Volkswagen collection with it not looking exactly like a robot like some of the other transformers in the line with unrealistic looking cars or obvious robots parts sticking out.

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