Hello all!

Life has been keeping me busy! Too busy for customs, unfortunately. I have a very full schedule with work, school, and a 10 month old son. Since my diagnoses, and subsequent surgeries, for stage 3 melanoma, I’ve chosen to “push on regardless”. I’ve gone back to school to become a machinist, and work a 40+hour week. Seeing as my future could change very abruptly, I’ve started the first 100 car carrying case for my son. He will probably get the thousands of mint-on-card Hot Wheels I have in tubs and my customs, but these will be hand picked for him. Hopefully they will instill the same love and fascination of all things automotive when he gets his cars on a future birthday.

Here’s a selection of what I have so far. Thoughts, suggestions, and ideas are all welcome!

Gotta start him out right with some Porsches!
What kid doesn’t love trucks!?
I love vehicles, my wife always wanted a boy who loves dinosaurs, so I thought these two were perfect.


Gonna need earth movers and a plow!
Race trucks!
Sports cars! Note the Subaru STi Police car, because the wife and I both own Subarus.


Rally Fiestas, because RALLY!

Thank you all for making this such an awesome community!