Man, I had quite a good and unexpected day today. Technically it started last night, but that’s besides the point. First thing I picked up was a new GL H&T F-150 and flatbed trailer. This is the second H&T I have, and it came in much better condition than the first (NYPD Ram).

A knock on the door this morning brought me a nice mail find. I don’t know if many of you participated in the Hot Wheels Race Rewards program, but they had a special event back at the end of last year. You would earn points from any Hot Wheels products you purchased at Walmart. Earn enough points and you could redeem them for the reward of your choice. My choice was this sweet ZAMAC ‘57 Chevy. More on that in a future post.

Then, after lunch, we went to a children’s consignment store to drop a few things the kids have outgrown. While we were waiting on them to look things over, I found a few bags of random assorted diecasts. One of them was a good mix, so I grabbed it.


There were a few fantasy casts in the mix of course, but I did get an F355 Challenge, a Cadillac V-16, a ‘57 Chevy from 1976, a ‘53 Chevy Custom, a Dodge DCC concept car, and a Lotus Elise 340R. The fantasy cars will either go to the kids or become wheel donors. Right as I was about to walk up to the counter, I noticed a few lone Hot Wheels hanging on the cards. Nothing special. But, what was hiding right behind them...?


WHAT?! A Johnny Lighting 4th gen. Camaro ZL1! I don’t own any JL, even with the new stuff that has come out. And I never thought I’d see an old school JL that wasn’t being sold for a rediculous price. Got this for $3. I’m still debating whether I should open it or not...

So, all in all, I’d say it was a pretty good day for me diecast wise. I hope I can get some good pictures here sooner or later, so be on the look out for those!

EDIT: Please pardon the crappy cell phone pictures. Also, Kinja is being stupid and will only load the JL Camaro picture sideways. I promise I took it vertically, lol!