Big things with little cars

A haul and a fix

Finally since seeing them shown at convention I got the 2 haulers I really wanted

The snake and mongoose dragsters with “retro rig” a shame they couldn’t use the original dodge trucks.


Also as a vintage toy hunter I stumbled acrossed this old 1986 M.A.S.K. Raven car


It was in a bit of rough shape the mechanisms that shot out the cutting disk and fliped the nose were not working.

Getting the saw blade launcher to work was easy had to take the body apart to get all the tabs in the right spot to get the springs to work again. This left me with the broken button for the nose.


The large button that stuck out was broken off and too far in to push to get it to work just right. So I looked around at what I had I could use and like the toy restoration channels I found a simple fix from a random object.


I used a bit of a plastic knife to repair the broken tab and now it flips over and locks into place like it should! Thankfully the majority of the strain is on the original part and the repaired part isn’t likely to snap off from being held on but might snap off if it’s used too much or falls and lands on it. For a toy that’s over 30 years old it’s held up nicely they used some strong springs back in the day and so far the plastic hasn’t cracked or warped due to the strain (except for the tab). I might paint the tab black or leave it as is as a reminder of how simple a fix can be to keep an old toy out of the trash.

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