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A HWEP Gone Well(y)

Used the Prisma treatment on yesterday’s teaser

About a month ago Kimba composed this post, detailing his recent discovery of several new 1:64 releases from Welly. Lo and behold, a variant of the brand new XC90 was among the bunch. Being the Volvo guy that I am, I immediately had to have one, and thus began nearly a month of negotiations during which both of us travelled extensively (resulting in various confusions and miscommunications, but we worked it all out in the end). Finally, the packages of this long-awaited HWEP were sent out on Monday and Tuesday and both arrived safely yesterday. For the record, this was my first HWEP so a big thanks to Kimba for walking me step-by-step through the whole process. Here is what I received on my end:

A lucious sight indeed!
Gleaming in the sun
I just love that new-cast smell!
Majorette Fiat 500
In my opinion, wine red is the second best color for a 500, white being first of course!
Matchbox BMW 1M
Been searching for this little guy for ages, glad to finally have one!
Matchbox Jaguar F-Type
This was one of my must-haves when I first saw it on Lamley, and it doesn’t disappoint in person
Hot Wheels BMW 3.0 CSL
Hot Wheels did a great job replicating this racing icon, I especially love the shark-nose front fascia!
Welly Volvo XC90
The piece de resistance here, really. The detailing is excellent and proportions are spot on.
An iconic shape, perhaps, in fifty years?
Even the interior is much more detailed than your run of the mill MBX/HW
The rear lettering is superbly spot-on as well
That grille is the centerpiece of the casting in my opinion.
The full line-up
Obligatory playing with Prisma

Anyways, thank you so much Kimba for this awesome first HWEP and I look fowards to more HWEPs with all of you in the future! Thanks for looking, and see you around LaLD!

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