A K20 Silverado

When I first saw this on the pegs, I was smitten, it looked good. After buying and opening it, I said to myself... “this looks really good, in fact, it looks too good!” I was thinking, if a truck looks this good on TV, it should’ve been famous by now... but why isn’t it? So I looked it up... and as it turned out, the truck on the “Friday Night Lights” TV show was different from this cast. (Retro Entertainment by HW).


The truck on TV was ‘regular’... it didn’t have a lifted body, or wheels this big, or a front reinforced double bumpers. It didn’t have mud-bogger tires and it didn’t have a hole in the cab. (which some trucks have to let out mud and grime from the cab). In other words, the TV truck was not a off-roader like this cast, but HW did get one thing right though... the paint scheme. It was spot on. Add to that some little details, like that tank at the back, and it becomes a good solid cast.



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