I’m not big on complete customizations/taking apart models, repainting, shaping and modifying them, what I do are minor enhancements, like painting certain parts, stripping paint from other to make the metal stand out or lowering stances by simply bending metal axles.

This time I wanted to try something different using the T2 VW pick up casting, I had an idea in my head to create some headlights for this casting using some substance that would end up clear after setting/curing. My first attempt was with regular krazy glue (I didn’t take pictures of it unfortunately), when it dried up, it was too cloudy/had a lot of air bubbles, next I tried elmers glue, the kind used to glue paper/wood together, it ended up cloudy as well (I didn’t take pictures of the result either).

The pictures shown are of the end result of using clear nail polish, I cleaned out the reflectors to try to make them as shiny as possible so that wen the clear paint dried, they shone just like the real thing. Unfortunately it seems that the paint reacted with the metal and it ended up showing very dull, I think they look like dead fish eyes. I also scraped off the paint on the emblem to make it stand out a little. I put it next to an untouched sample of the same model for reference.

Take a look at the pics and you be the judge, I welcome any criticism with a smile and gratitude. Have a wonderful week!!!!