Another big treasure found in my parents place. This looks to be a 1950's wind up tow truck #822 made by Structo of Freeport, Illinois founded in 1908. I am not sure if this truck was based on a real truck nor do I know the scale. This truck is about 12" long. If you have any info please feel free to share. This is my only Structo toy and I don’t know how this truck came into our possession as I was not even born yet when this was manufactured. I’m guessing I might have inherited this from older relatives.

Not to mention this truck is heavy too so I’m thinking this is the kind of toy where kids would have to play with it on the floor as it will be too heavy to lift it up themselves. As you can see underneath is where you place the key to wind the truck. I don’t have the key as I either lost it or it was given to me without it. You can also see the working steering on the front and does not come with interior. The chains and tow hooks are also missing and I don’t know whether I did it or was given to me without it.

Luckily the box still exist.


I decided to try and do a minor restoration so off I went to Joann’s to see if I can find any jewelry chain that match the look and size. Once I found the chain, I went to a hard ware store to acquire the hooks which look quite like the original that came with the toy. Here is the result.


And of course this toy was originally made in the USA. Hope you all enjoy your trip back in time.