From this link: “According to Magnus, he has yet to own a 356, “but you have to start somewhere””. Which leads me to believe that Rod Emory has more of a right to the “Outlaw 356” name than any other porsche customizer. But no matter if its an outlaw or not... the Porsche 356 is a beautiful car. In fact, the real car is having a resurgence in popularity lately (news link).

One of the best things about it is its shape. And I think one of the better ways to show off that shape is by taking off all of its paint and giving it that ‘naked’ look. :D :D

The interior was a little too red... so I took a few markers and jazzed it up a bit. The seats are now orange and white, the back is silver, the inside door panels are white, and everything else is black. While it doesn’t look like much.. I think the bright colors makes the interior ‘pop’ when the body is back on. :)


To maintain that zamac or ‘bare metal’ look... I had to look for more of less the same style for its wheels. Good thing I had this old ‘Masters of the Universe’ Buick that had silver “half moon” rims and rubber tires.(pic) It fit the wheel wells perfectly on the first try. :)


Thanks for viewing