The 1/64th cast of a Nissan GTR have always been elusive for me.... I have never found one that “agreed” with me. The one from HW is not in proportion to the real car, and it sits too high. The one from Kyosho is well detailed... but it doesn’t roll that nice, and it aint that durable. It wont last long in the hands of a 5 yr old. The one from Tomica seems great, its durable enough to to be played with, is detailed enough, and it rolls nicely. But like the HW... its proportions seem to be off coz its wheels are too small. Like some Tomicas - it needs a wheelswap.

Which brings me to this one from Majorette. Which I think has just the right proportions, rolls nicely, has opening doors, a detailed interior and is quite durable. It does have some tampo errors. But correcting them is easy... see below.

I was given another cast last week by a friend... which freed me to do whatever I wanted to this old one. So I took its clothes off. :D


One thing I noticed is the difference in metal. The one from HW... is thinner, and is more easier to polish and make shiny. The metal from this majorette is thicker, is harder to polish, and the paint took longer to remove. Using a gel paint remover, a typical HW car would take around 5 to 10 min... including the time to take off all the gunk. With the Majorette - it took me well over 30 min. After some sandpaper and eraser work... it still doesn’t look all that shiny. But overall, Im pleased with it, it still looks like ‘brushed aluminum’ from a distance. (sample pic of a real car in that finish). :D


thanks for viewing,