A couple of Plymouth Superbirds in Petty blue. Cars the movie will be 10 years old next year! That really makes me feel old.

Richard Petty aka Strip Weathers aka “The King” is the winningest driver in NASCAR (and the Piston Cup Series) and continues to give back to the sport. This is one of my favorite cars and I even got to see this one in person (my first 1:1 post!) this year along with about 50 others in Talladega on the 45th anniversary cruise. The movie incorporates some real life facts and I always kind of thought of Lightning McQueen as a Jeff Gordon character.

I found the newer model last week on sale so I had to get it to compare. Surprisingly similar, although the cartoon version has been, how do you say, enhanced with larger haunches and a wing that is about twice as big. Oh, and it has a mouth and eyes on the windshield in case that wasn’t obvious.

I will definitely be re-watching to celebrate the anniversary and if you’re ever short a diecast, they’ll probably still be making these guys for 10 more!


As for the winged 1:1’s, I’ve only got pics until I make the big time