I usually get my die casts from my local Carrefour supermarket and I was pleasantly surprised that recently they started stocking a decent selection of 1:18 and 1:24 scale models. Back when I was growing up, those were commonplace in toy sections, but some time ago they were pushed out by plastic RC cars of similar size (which I was never into). Unfortunately, having returned about a week later (after the new toy section was ready), this is what I found on shelves:

Most of the boxes were utterly mangled. Many cars had loose parts scattered inside as well.

I can kinda understand people wanting to take out a model out of its packaging to check it out properly, but for Christ’s sake people, do it in a civilised way (and then reinsert the car correctly). Another thing that is a contributing factor is little kids. I actually saw a woman with a little brat that wanted one of those cars. She got one off the shelf and the kid promptly ripped through the packaging to get to it and then dropped it. The mum then told him not to do that, put the car back on the shelf, reached a bit further and got him an undamaged one.


Now I don’t know about you, but since I was just casually browsing that completely put me off buying anything. I probably would have gone for a non-mistreated Gordini, but I didn’t fancy something that got an indeterminate amount of abuse before it was even sold.

This sucks.