I made a promise about 4 years ago that I wouldn’t buy any more Hot Wheels or diecasts, unless they were chases or treasure hunts, if I got an actual car I would enjoy. That car ended up being my mostly-trusty Miata. It’s been a solid year since I last bought a Hot Wheels, not counting the Yellow Submarine I bought for my boss at work who’s a big Beatles fan. Well, I broke my streak and it was worth it.

I have no idea why this image is uploading itself sideways!

When I caught news of the 1991 Group C Trust Greddy Porsche 962 race car, I knew I had to acquire it. The 962 is my favorite race car hands down and I’m glad they chose chassis no. 166, one of the lowest-mile 956/962 chassis out there with only two official races under its belt. I’m glad Hot Wheels made a premium version of it with Real Riders!

I always loved the minimalist paint scheme combined with the bronze aero wheels. Most only gripes with this diecast are that the rear tires and wheels are too narrow and that there isn’t any headlight detail. The Trust car ran with Cibie-sponsored eyebrows over its headlights unlike most 962s.


I’m still on the fence on whether or not to liberate it from its card as I’m planning on moving later on this year so I’d rather not have this diecast get damaged or misplaced during the transition.

Also, there is a major mistake using this sponsorship scheme on this 962 diecast...this car never ran with a long tail configuration!


A comparison between “short tail” and “long tail” configurations.
Chassis no. 166 as it was raced in Japan during the 1991 season of Group C. Note the tail configuration.

Still totally worth it. My local Walmart had two 962Cs, and all the other cars from this release except for the NSX! As much as I would’ve loved to get the RX-3 or the NSX, I only wanted to buy one and the 962C trumps all.