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A question for collectors...

hi there, I’ve a question that’s been buggin me the past few days.... I’d like to know your opinion about it.


Say you were lookin for a cast, a cast that you really really want... and was looking for it for weeks. Wait, not weeks, but ...say a few months (more than 6 at least). Then a friend tells you that he “knows a guy” (a scalper) that’s selling exactly what you were lookin for... but for about double the price that you’d see from a store. Will you jump in and buy it?

If your answer is “no”... then you might loose it forever. Knowing full well that its rare... and is out-of-production. If your answer is “yes”... then its like you’re promoting the practice of scalping. And there’s a big chance that something like this will happen again.

So the question is... will you buy it? Yes or No?


Thanks for answering. :)


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